Data Contribution Acknowledgements

The Space Security Portal is an important Transparency and Confidence Building Measure. As such, voluntary information contributions from States and Organizations play an integral role in not only populating the Space Security Portal Database but fostering information exchange on the international level. If you are interested in sharing official State and or Organizational policy, please reach out to us at or through our Contact Us Form.

UNIDIR appreciates and acknowledges the voluntary information contributions from the following supporters:

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A Note on Methodology

Most of the data on the Space Security Portal is compiled from official and publicly available sources. Every effort has been made to trace information back to the official documentation disseminated by the State or intergovernmental organisation in question. Where this has proved impossible, data has been verified through multiple secondary sources. A small number of documents, which have been shared and approved for publishing by the relevant authorities, are hosted directly on UNIDIR’s servers. Selection and categorisation of relevant documents is at the discretion of the UNIDIR Space Security Programme and based on detailed analysis by project staff. Further details on how categories are defined can be found in the glossary.